Google My Business (GMB) for Local SEO

Why Google My Business?

If your business depends on local customer traffic, then Google My Business (GMB) is vital to ensuring your brand is front and center for potential customers. Our team of SEO and content specialists will continuously audit, refresh and optimize your GMB listing to ensure you’re where you need to be to attract the right customers to your business.

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“Local Businesses Near Me”

Based on your own search experience for products and services “Near Me,” you may have noticed that Google places the most popular local businesses at the front of the competitor pack. That doesn’t happen by accident. Your business’ visibility is based on your geolocation and on the quality of information offered up to Google by your site.

    Your Brand + Analyt Solutions = Results

    A dedicated team looking at every aspect of your content can help you build your unique value proposition and land your business at the top of the page. Analyt will help you optimize your GMB listing and drive traffic back to your Website, where potential customers can discover your products.

    As part of your local brand campaign, our team will:

    • Ensure your GMB content is detailed and current
    • Provide you with local SEO, such as link-building and relevant keywords, to connect potential customers back to your Website
    • Create attention-grabbing content to keep visitors on your site once they land
    • Identify your competitors in the local market and understand their strategy, to keep your brand multiple steps ahead
    • Continually audit, fine-tune and report the results of your local listing and associated digital marketing platforms
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