The Top 11 Most Important JavaScript Statistics for 2022

Our lives rely upon the intelligence of JavaScript. If you desire to realize the impact it has on our lives, simply debilitate JavaScript in your program for a little while. While you will have no promotions and pop-ups with a quicker page stacking speed, portions of the website page will essentially not work. Nor will Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Google items, etc. This article looked to give a lot of insights and definite data on JavaScript utilization to assist you with your dynamic recipe for the website development company.

Today, pretty much every gadget (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, savvy TVs, and so forth) effectively utilizes the most famous JavaScript systems. Starting around 2022, among 1.8 billion sites on the planet, 98% of sites use JavaScript as a client-side programming language, which shows its rising ubiquity.

All in all, how did JavaScript get to this position? Where does it stand today? What’s more, how is the ongoing JavaScript scene for web and portable application advancement?

This is the very thing we have written down: Website Development Company Gives Top 11 JavaScript Statistics

#1 Usage of JavaScript: How It Maintains Conquering the Website Development Company World

Between another bunch of back-end systems and an overflow of quicker construct apparatuses, the universe of JavaScript continued to change. In the years to come, will JavaScript be the essence of web improvement?

At this point, most sites use JS as the client-side programming language. With the HTML and graphical components reconciliation, progressed modules like Silverlight or Flash, and DOM, JavaScript has kept up with its matchless quality in the powerful site and moderate web application advancement.

Starting around 2022, practically 23% of engineers have firmly concurred that JavaScript is moving in the correct heading, adding 57.5% have concurred positively with the assertion.

#2 JavaScript Usage: The Overpowering Popularity of TypeScript

Microsoft delivered TypeScript in 2012 as a superset of JavaScript that upholds discretionary sorts. It took JS sentence structure and semantics and consolidated a few extra elements that designers required. The contrast between JavaScript and Typescript is that the last option offers helped efficiency and simple support for developing codebases.

That is the reason TypeScript isn’t just a JavaScript pattern; it has now turned into a true language. The most recent review in 2022 states that JavaScript is the most utilized programming language, with a 78% use rate among designers. This study is accounted for by the State of JS Survey. Website Development Companies should get this type of knowledge for website speed.

Moreover, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, TypeScript was the third most adored language in 2021. This large number of JavaScript measurements shows the fast development of TypeScript as a powerful pattern in the product business.

#3 Usage of JavaScript: Respond is Guiding the Pack

Respond has been effective in keeping a strong situation in the JavaScript biological system as it surpassed jQuery in the race for the most normally utilized structure.

This won’t change this year because designers and business pioneers love involving React.js for future verification front-end improvement. Highlights like part-based servers, simultaneous mode, and snares make this device exceptionally helpful to utilize, and subsequently, we will see broad ReactJS utilization and advancement in 2022.

Besides, React had the most npm bundle downloads in 2021, 4 times more than its greatest rival Vue.js.

#4 Usage of JavaScript: Node.js Noticed a Surging Need

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime climate that assists designers with making adaptable and lightweight codebases. Its flexibility and secluded structure permit vertical/level scaling, further developed execution, and a quicker improvement process.

For its broad capacities, Node.js had been getting a charge out of consistent development in download and establishment rates, with a spike in October 2021. If you (as a designer) have not introduced Node.js to your framework, you can adhere to the directions here – Guide to Install Node.js on Windows and macOS.

Additionally, verifiable patterns of JavaScript use in sites show that 2% of web servers use Node worldwide.

Node.js is the most ideal decision for advanced and convoluted projects like streaming applications, continuous applications, microservices-based applications, and so on. The people group continually attempts to work on this device with open commitments. This multitude of angles makes Node.js improvement one of the top JS drifts that is probably going to go on in 2022 and then some.

#5 Usage of JavaScript: Nothing to Wonders in Vue Evolution

Vue.js is a dynamic JavaScript system known for its extraordinary assets, the simple expectation to learn and adapt, cooperative local area, and significantly more. The most recent form, Vue 3.2, offers an expansive scope of upgrades like:

  • Expanded execution with half quicker compose and 260% quicker perused in ref execution
  • Typescript execution
  • 17% less JavaScript memory use and 40% quicker reliance following
  • Layered modules and huge-scope project support

Right now, 3,491,140 sites are utilizing Vue all over the planet. Here are its utilization insights:

#6 JavaScript Usage: Svelte is Barging in

Beginning around 2016, the platform of most utilized JavaScript systems has been circumnavigating the main three rulers. Nonetheless, the prevalence of Svelte is developing huge amounts at a time, particularly after it began supporting TypeScript.

15% of JavaScript designers effectively utilize this structure, and as far as fulfillment, it has won the glade ahead of everyone else, outperforming React.

The speeding up of the progression of Svelte just implies that it will cause increasingly more to notice it, and it’s inevitable before it joins the group of the top front-end advancement structures. Who can say for sure how much the JavaScript details for systems will change following two or three years? That’s why you should hire one of the best website development companies in NJ.

#7 JavaScript Usage: GraphQL is Excelling at Data Management

GraphQL is a question language made by Facebook to improve the information cell execution of their application. It permits designers to question information from both the back end and front end with an adaptable linguistic structure. Other energizing elements incorporate quick information recovery, demand customization, productive inquiry, etc.

In 2020, designers needed to study this structure with the most elevated interest proportion of 86%. Also, as far as fulfillment, GraphQL is currently at the top, leaving Redux behind:

This information recommends that GraphQL is before long going to supplant the RESTful methodology and arise as one of the top JavaScript use models.

#8 JavaScript Usage: Rise of the Latest JavaScript Features

We don’t know precisely how, yet the use of numerous new JavaScript highlights is consistently expanding, as announced in the State of JS 2021/2022. An ever-increasing number of designers began investigating the JS biological system and contributing their aptitude to it. For instance:

  • 48.9% of respondents have been utilizing Dynamic Imports to stack a module on request or condition:
  • 26.1% of designers have been utilizing Proxies to make an intermediary for another item and rethink/capture basic tasks for it.
  • 20.4% of respondents have been utilizing Private Fields to execute JS language highlights.
  • 67.2% of them have been involving Nullish Coalescing as a consistent administrator to oversee both ways hand side operands.
  • 21.6% of engineers have been utilizing WebGL to execute 2D and 3D delivery in a program HTML material.
  • 22.5% of them have been utilizing Web Audio API to control sound on the web.
  • 45.7% of respondents have been utilizing Service Workers to make the disconnected client experience.

#9 JavaScript Usage: Jamstack is Serving Millions

Jamstack is a cutting-edge web improvement engineering that permits designers to make secure and quick sites and web applications with numerous productive libraries and instruments. As indicated by the 2021 Jamstack Community Survey, 32% of engineers were chipping away at sites that would serve a great many clients:

The explanations for Jamstack’s capacity to draw in a great many crowds are the historic advantages it offers, for example, a substance conveyance organization, microservices design, quick and lightweight pages, pre-fabricated markup, and so on. This multitude of JavaScript use measurements about Jamstack assists it with remaining in vogue in 2022 and then some.

#10 JavaScript Usage: The Testing Game Belongs to Jest

The testing libraries and instruments with the most respondents’ advantages are Jest, Mocha, Storybook, and Jasmine. Quip is at the front of the pack true to form since it’s a piece of the bootstrapping instrument of React – the most famous cross-stage structure.

The subsequent position rules Mocha, which can be a feasible choice for Jest. Jasmine keeps on declining as it’s the default testing device for Angular.

Another client-situated testing instrument is Testing Library which engineers are presently liking to test React parts.

#11 JavaScript Usage: React Native Takes Two of everyone

As far as versatile application improvement, React Native overwhelms the market. In each classification, it won with local applications and went down to the getting through the prominence of the React system, that is here to say.

The similitudes between React and React Native empower engineers to consistently construct versatile applications. It’s likewise less expensive and more straightforward for associations to make both web and versatile applications simultaneously.

In this specific circumstance, Expo acquired tremendous prevalence in 2020 and entered the JavaScript measurements radar. As it’s based on React Native, it’s turning into an extraordinary decision for creating portable applications.

For this large number of reasons, we can anticipate that React Native will have a greater market takeover. Furthermore, with its help for macOS and Windows, we can expect that it can 100 percent beat Electron.


JavaScript is staying put; the scene is constantly extending and getting upheld by state-of-the-art advancements. While it’s not by any means the only programming language for the client side, it’s perhaps the earliest and generally liked by engineers. Although some think of it as touchy and wasteful, a few upgrades have made it more compact and less complicated.

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